DJ Little

Economic Futurist 📚. web3 Venture Builder 💡.
Preparing Underserved Teens for the Future of Work & Entrepreneurship @ SEEDschool 🧪.
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DJ is an Economic Futurist, Co-Creator, and Business Builder, who's originally from New Haven, Connecticut, but has resided in Richmond since 2001 after attending Virginia Commonwealth University.Due to his love of entrepreneurship, he realized that college wasn't the right fit for him, so he started his own learning journey and pursued a career in sales. After witnessing the rise of Facebook at his former college in 2005, he then realized what he wanted to become, a tech entrepreneur.Since founding his first tech incubator in the Fall of 2010, he has launched a web series on YouTube, been featured in a variety of media outlets, spoken at a number of conferences, authored a book about alternative economics, and launched and consulted on a variety of startup projects.His current mission with his new tech incubator, SEEDstudio, is to help make entrepreneurship and ownership 10X more accessible by experimenting with a new way to launch and grow startup companies; which includes using the power of open innovation, game thinking, no-code/low-code tools, AI, and Web3 technologies and values.